Our Mission

is helping your Christian community to grow.

Our Vision

is vibrant and growing Christian communities of faith.

Ethical Standards

We will uphold the highest levels of ethical standards within our industry, the Christian communities for which we work, and the Christian organizations that we serve.


We will clearly communicate what services we will provide and strive to meet those commitments to the complete satisfaction of those we serve.

Your Success

Since 1938, Kirby-Smith Associates has served more than 20,000 churches, schools, and faith communities, and raised more than $6 billion. We help ensure your success through the following:

  • Partnering together to meet your goals and objectives to bring your Hopes To Life.
  • Raising an amount well over annual giving, through our expertise without high pressure tactics – normally two, three or more times, far more than our competitors in similar situations.
  • Securing more gifts and raising more funds from individual contributors through our program of Creative Ways to Give.
  • Reaching out to all members.
  • Providing the complete resources of Kirby-Smith Associates, along with our strategic partners to maximize your success.

In Dealing with Others

We will treat each person in the same way that we would want to be treated. We will endeavor at all times to communicate only what is true and faithful. We will uphold our promises to the fullest extent that our resources will allow. We will strive to establish and maintain long-term relationships, which will be beneficial to all.


We will not enrich ourselves at someone else’s expense. Those who contribute to our efforts in service will be reasonably and fairly compensated. Our profits will be used to expand our Ministry of Stewardship and Finance. We will return a tenth of our profit to further the work of the Lord outside Kirby-Smith Associates.


We are accountable to our God, our clients, and to one another to account for our actions, accept responsibility for them, and to strive to provide quality service in all aspects of our ministry of stewardship and finance.