Vice President, Director of Professional Development

Richard (Richie) Musser is Vice President, Director of Professional Development with Kirby-Smith Associates, a company founded in 1938 as a Ministry of Stewardship and Finance. Richie oversees professional staff development and is a member of Kirby-Smith’s management team. Kirby-Smith Associates and its partners provide a full range of capital campaigns, feasibility studies, full-service media and marketing services, stewardship programs, increased offertory/annual campaigns, and planned giving. Kirby-Smith also provides solution workshops and webinars, organizational management guidance, development and planning services, and coaching to a variety of Christian churches and schools, faith communities, and charitable organizations to meet their needs. The vision of Kirby-Smith is vibrant and growing Christian communities of faith.

As a child, Richie traveled with his father and President of Kirby-Smith, Gene Musser, serving churches all over the country. This was an invaluable experience as Richie was able to see many different people from so many different walks of life celebrate Christ. This opportunity allowed him to truly understand the various demographics and unique compositions of each church family. Throughout the last six years Richie has stepped into a leadership role of Vice-President as he prepares to take over as President of Kirby-Smith Associates, continuing the family tradition of ministry.

He graduated summa cum laude from West Chester University with a bachelor’s degree and continued his graduate studies at Millersville University. Richie has worked all over the country with Christian churches and schools bringing his passion, enthusiasm, and experience with him.

Richie and his wife, Rachel, reside in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They are members of
St. Catherine of Siena in Quarryville, PA, as well as current members of the Harrisburg Chapter of Legatus.

“It is truly a Blessing and an honor to continue the rich tradition of ministry at Kirby-Smith Associates, which was started more than 80 years ago. Growing up in Kirby-Smith has taught me that Christ must be at the heart of all stewardship efforts. We are creatures of limited time, talent, and treasure and it is what we do with these incredible gifts entrusted to us by God that is the heart
of stewardship.” – Richie