Could your church use more members in the pews, more money in the offerings, or more space in which to conduct ministry? The answer to this question is a no-brainer. Could you use some fresh ideas and proven strategies to accomplish the above objectives? Most churches would say “yes”. Can you afford to hire a consultant to provide fresh ideas and proven strategies? Here is where a struggle often occurs.

Even though the idea of hiring a consultant to help grow membership, offerings, fund renovations, debt retirement, or new space seems like a great idea, some churches never pursue this course of action because there is simply no money in the budget to do so. Kirby-Smith has good news for you. We have proven methods to help your church cover the cost of acquiring the help you need.

Kirby-Smith can help you generate funds from the very beginning of our working relationship so that the cost of services is not another stress for your church to bear. We can assist in communicating your vision and getting the message to those who can help. Listen to a few examples of how this can work.

In a Pennsylvania church, a dedicated couple observed a presentation of services provided by Kirby-Smith. They saw the benefits to be gained through stewardship seminars and a church growth workshop. They decided to fund both efforts themselves. Without their help, these initiatives probably would not have occurred.

In a Rhode Island church, generous benefactors caught the vision for involving members in sharing input concerning church repairs and improvements. They funded a feasibility study in which a majority of members participated. A strong majority of participants approved moving ahead with a capital campaign to fund repairs and improvements. That campaign is now underway. Additional upfront funding is helping to bear campaign costs.

In a New Jersey church, leaders took a step of faith to fund a feasibility study. The results of that study inspired one member who decided to give his contribution to a campaign effort upfront in order to underwrite the whole campaign cost. Without that gift at that time, it would have been difficult to find the funds to maintain positive momentum that had been established.

Whatever it is that your church needs to accomplish, Kirby-Smith can guide you to success, and we can even help you figure out how to fund the services we bring. Don’t let the question of money stand in the way of calling us to arrange a free presentation of the ways we can help. Call today!