Churches that conduct their own campaigns tend to produce results that are about fifty percent (50%) of the professionally-led campaign. The lower result far exceeds the amount saved by “do-it-yourself” Capital Campaigns. In addition, after a church has had a campaign that failed to reach its goal, it may take months, or even years, to recover the lost momentum.

A professional firm brings their experience to the campaign table.

Their wealth of experience in dealing with churches of a variety of denominations empowers them to design and help the church manage a campaign that avoids the pitfalls present in self-directed campaigns. Conducting a Capital Stewardship Campaign is different than conducting an annual campaign.

Not all churches are alike.

Cookie cutter campaigns just do not work. A professional firm knows what is needed to maximize donations to your campaign. A professional firm will help you develop a campaign process that is sensitive to your needs.

The Church Staff has many other areas of ministry that demand their time.

A professional works with the church’s staff to manage the campaign so the staff can focus on other areas of ministry. Capital Campaigns can add a significant amount of stress to the staff because most staff members already have full plates. By working with the church’s professional and volunteer staff, the consultant keeps the process on track to reach the church’s goal. Missing a printing deadline can delay the whole project.

Timing a campaign can make a considerable difference in the outcome.

Timing in doing the campaign is somewhat like surfing. If you get in front of the wave, you get overpowered and “wipe out.” If, on the other hand, you get behind the wave, you lose momentum. Therefore, timing is important whether it is surfing or conducting a Capital Campaign. Understanding when the congregation is “ready” for a campaign is critical to its success. A professional consultant can assess the readiness of the church to conduct a campaign.

The vision for the project must be crystal clear.

A professional will help the church hone its vision for the project. Understanding why people give to churches is critical in forming the vision for the project. Many projects fail because the vision has not been well developed and connected with the church’s mission.

Giving is a very spiritual act and needs to be presented as such.

Securing support for a building, renovation, or debt service campaign is a part of the spiritual development of the congregation. Raising funds in the church is always about more than money. A professional will design a spiritually-led process that invites the donor to participate more fully in the church’s mission and ministry.

Donors are individuals with very different questions and reasons to give.

Donors have different concerns when committing their financial resources. Securing commitments from the full congregation requires a process that pays attention to the needs of the donor. A professional firm will provide the best opportunity for you to cultivate and reach the larger gifts necessary for you to have a successful Capital Campaign. Higher capacity donors require a different approach than do smaller donors.

Kirby-Smith Associates can partner with your congregation as it has with more than 15,000 churches since 1938. Our proven and custom designed campaigns have helped those churches generate more than $5 billion in new money.